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Best Driving School in Ottawa  where our course packages include the BDE Program Standard. The BDE (Beginner Driver Education) program is a Ministry designed program to allow young and new drivers to learn driving and receive a certificate from the MTO with their driving experience.

The BDE program reduces the wait period to obtain G2 license from 1 year to 8 months.

Many insurance companies offer special discounts for drivers that hold BDE Certificate.


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MTO Certified BDE Course


Price: $549 + HST


MTO Certified BDE Course


Price: $799 + HST

MTO Certified BDE Course

Safe Choice

Price: $899 + HST

SafeTurn driving school in Ottawa offers a comprehensive and practical driving course to equip students with the knowledge and skills to become safe and confident drivers. The course covers everything from basic road rules to advanced defensive driving techniques.

Our experienced and certified instructors provide personalized instruction to ensure each student’s success. With a focus on both classroom learning and practical behind-the-wheel training, students receive a well-rounded education.

SafeTurn Ottawa Driving School also prioritizes convenience, offering flexible scheduling options. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your driving skills, this school is an excellent choice in Ottawa.

Learn to drive safely

Best driving school  Ottawa

SafeTurn driving school known for its ability and excellence. Our experienced instructors provide comprehensive driver lessons to ensure you become a skilled and secure driver on Ottawa’s roads.

Our Features

SafeTurn Driving School Ottawa Best Features

Experienced Instructors

Friendly instructors with flexible schedule. We always have time to help you improve your driving skills

Virtual Classes

Our Virtual classroom offers flexible, easy to follow Beginner Driver Education course, approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Best safety Measure

We put your safety first. All our vehicles are MTO approved, meet or exceed safety standards. Our instructors are MTO certified

Our Courses

Ottawa Driving Lessons

SafeTurn driving school is dedicated to delivering expert instruction and helping you become a skilled and reliable driver on the city’s roads.

  • Driving school approved online booking
  • Free Informational Videos & Materials
  • Modern Technologies Easier Driving
Best driving schools Ottawa

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Students Testimonial

What Our Clients Say

Gave me a very good rate and answered all my questions. Have a G and will use for my wife too!
A fully knowledgeable instructor helped my son gets through ..this is hassle free. I'd give thumps up and much appreciations
Ed Habes
Ed Habes
I passed G2 road test in first try thanks to instructor Mr. Wael. He is an excellent intructor and makes sure you work on your weakness.
Rayat Md Kibria
Rayat Md Kibria
I have used this school for my son. Great driving instructor, Will, one of their best drivers is punctual , very knowledgeable and patient. He followed up with my son and gave him extra work which helped.
Tim HácKmę
Tim HácKmę
I passed my Full G test thanks to my instructor Mr. Wael he was very patient and very helpful in helping me refresh my driving skills and getting me ready for the exam! He is very talented in teaching and a great instructor who I would recommend for anyone wanting to pass. Thank you very much!!!
Sapheya El-Baden
Sapheya El-Baden
Best driving school in Ottawa, amazing instructor and great courses!
Best Guidence

That’s Why We Produce Confident & Safe Drivers

We Give the Best Guidance To Each Student

SafeTurn driving school in Ottawa known for its exceptional guidance to every student as “Ottawa Driving School.” With responsibility for safety and excellence, this school stands out for its comprehensive driving courses and personalized instruction.

Their experienced and certified instructors are dedicated to providing the most elevated quality education. Each student receives individualized guidance, providing that they learn the rules of the road and develop the skills and confidence needed to become responsible drivers.
The courses at SafeTurn Ottawa Driving School cover  wide range of topics, from basic road rules to advanced defensive driving methods. They also offer flexibility in scheduling, making it convenient for students with various duties.

SafeTurn Ottawa Driving School’s focus on safety, tailored instruction, and commitment to excellence make it the top choice for anyone seeking the best driving schooling in Ottawa. With their guidance, students are well-prepared for a lifetime of safe and trustworthy driving.
That's Why ًWe Produce Ottawa finest confident and safe Driversً

Our Ottawa driving school is renowned for producing confident and safe drivers. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence in driver education. Our certified instructors provide personalized instruction, emphasizing road rules, real-world skills, and defensive driving techniques. Safety is our top priority, ensuring students can confidently navigate any situation on the road. With flexible scheduling options, we make accessing top-tier driver education convenient for all students. Choose us for the best driving education in Ottawa, and embark on a journey to become a confident and safe driver.