How to Become a BDE Beginner Driver in Ottawa – the FAQ Sheet

BDE Beginner Driver in Ottawa

BDE Beginner Driver in Ottawa Are you presently considering becoming? If so, you are likely to have so many questions about the process, requirements, and steps involved concerning the same. Starting your journey as a learner of BDE Beginner Driver in Ottawa Education can often prove to be highly intriguing and equally unnerving for the average Canadian and this is why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need in the first place to navigate the entire process with great ease.

1. What is BDE Beginner Driver in Ottawa

BDE is essentially a fancy acronym for Beginner Driver Education and provides eligible individuals with the necessary acumen as well as expertise to become safe and responsible drivers. Completing a BDE program is a prerequisite in Ontario for those who have never applied for a G1 or G2 driver’s license in their life but now wish to obtain the same as early as possible. The said course comprises in-classroom as well as in-car training sessions, covering numerous topics, such as traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and road safety.

2. What are BDE Beginner Driver in Ottawa

You must be at least sixteen years old to enroll in a government-approved driving school to become a BDE beginner driver in Ottawa or anywhere else in Ontario.

3. How long does BDE program take to complete?

The BDE course consists of a minimum of forty hours of curated instruction, which is further divided into twenty hours of in-classroom training and ten hours of in-car training. The remaining tens hours are flexible and you may consume the same for additional sessions in the former, latter, or both categories based on your requirements.

4. What is the G1 or G2 driver’s license BDE program?

The greatest advantage of completing a BDE program is that it allows you to apply for a G1 or G2 driver’s license as soon as eight calendar months after passing the former instead of waiting for an entire year. The latter are intermediate licenses that allow you to drive with certain restrictions applied and you must clear a road test conducted at a Drive Test Centre, or in lieu of one, a Travel Point to obtain either of the same. It evaluates your driving skills as well as your knowledge to properly follow traffic rules and regulations.

5. How to confirm before taking admission

Visit the official website of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and write the name of your potential driving school in the search box. It is as simple as that! For instance, write SafeTurn in the search box to find out whether it is an authorized driving institute or not. Call SafeTurn Driving School now for any queries or further information on its driving courses and good luck on your journey to becoming a BDE beginner driver in Ottawa!